installation of materials and energy distribution

We install pipelines for the supply of material to injection molding machines from drying silos, storage tanks and large-capacity outdoor silos. We also perform the installation of vacuum piping, including connection to the final equipment with movable hoses, including electrical and IT distribution for the final equipment, installation of distribution of coolants and compressed air through piping, according to customer requirements.

Transport of materials for injection molding machines

Vacuum distribution

Refrigerant distribution

Compressed air distribution


The company is insured for CZK 20 million and CZK 500,000 for non-property damage.

All chemicals we use to clean water, cooling and heating circuits are environmentally degradable. We have safety data sheets for all substances.

We do not have our own transport, we cooperate with transport companies throughout the EU.

Yes, we perform electrical inspections of apartments, apartment buildings, hand tools and industrial and production units throughout the Czech Republic.

Yes, we perform thermographic measurements in the industry with a thermal imager on devices such as electrical. switchboards, heating belts for injection molding machines, extruders and more. Surface temperature determination, fault classification, report generation and subsequent correction are performed.

We are specialists in performing preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. We will develop standards and train your maintenance technicians.

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