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We offer warranty and post-warranty service, inspections of gas boilers and heaters and chemical cleaning of heating systems

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Warranty and post-warranty service

Inspection of gas boilers and heaters

Chemical cleaning of heating systems

Basic information

The equipment should therefore be checked once a year, ideally before the heating season. Gas inspections are then carried out every 3 years.

The obligation to ensure maintenance of gas installations is enshrined in the law, according to which the gas consumer is obliged to maintain the installation in such a condition that it does not become a cause of danger to the health, life or property of persons.

Servicing a gas boiler includes cleaning the main burner, flushing the heat exchanger, checking the ignition, checking the sensors, checking the flame arrestor, water or gas fittings and checking the gas connections for leaks. It is this procedure that can improve boiler efficiency and thus reduce consumption.

After each such professional intervention, the gas boiler works more environmentally friendly and economically. It is also less prone to breakdowns and failures during the winter months when the boilers are running at full capacity. Regular check-ups will also save up to 10% on gas consumption.

For owners of older boilers that are at the end of their product life, we offer a replacement with a new boiler from our current range. We will advise you on a suitable replacement, dismantle the original boiler and fit a new one. The handover ends with commissioning of the boiler and explanation of the operation.

Price list

Service Price
Offer for a new boiler FREE
Service, revision of baseboard heater from 300 CZK
Service, revision of stationary atmospheric boiler from 800 CZK
Service, revision of wall-mounted atmospheric boiler from 900 CZK
Service, revision of wall-mounted turbo boiler from 1 000 CZK
Service, revision of wall-mounted condensing boiler from 1 200 CZK
Commissioning of atmospheric and turbo boiler from 1 200 CZK
Commissioning of a gas condensing boiler from 1 500 CZK

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